4 Unsaid Truths About Traffic


Untold-Truths-About-TrafficDo you wish to get more traffic to your blog?
I know: traffic is one of the most common – and biggest – issues in the whole blogosphere.
Everyone wants traffic, but few people get it.

Are those people smarter than others?
Maybe…or maybe not.

Have you ever had the feeling of missing out something about traffic?
Well, the reality is that you are missing out something.

Something that the most of people don’t even imagine.
Something that can make the difference.

Probably you haven’t heard about these concepts yet: very few people explain them.

1. You Can Get Traffic with Anything

You don’t need to be on Facebook to get traffic.
You don’t need to be neither on Twitter nor on Google Plus.
Do you know what? You don’t need to be on Pinterest.

Do you think that you need the last super cool, trendy social network to get traffic?
Here’s the good news: you don’t need it.

Maybe you need to be on YouTube…
No, you don’t need it.

The truth is that you can potentially drive traffic to your blog even with a piece of bread – I guess that I should demonstrate this in a close future :)
You can jump on the last unknown social network that is 5 months old, and you can get traffic from it; or you can even get traffic from Yahoo! Answers.

How is that possible?
The fact is that getting traffic in nothing magic: it’s just exposing your stuff to people.
You could go on a forum of 30 people who are potentially interested in your stuff, and you could make them arrive on your blog.

Do you know what is one of my best sources of traffic?

SlideShare Traffic

SlideShare is the 3rd source of traffic in the first month of this blog.

With my last guest posts about SlideShare I understood that people don’t even know it – even if it’s a huge social media.
Knowing that one of my best sources of traffic is a little known site makes things really interesting.

This lead us to the next point.

2. There is NOT a Standard Way to Drive Traffic

People who say that you need to be on a given social media are trying to sell you something.
Of course, there are some social media in which you have better to be in, but you don’t need them.

The fact is that you have to figure out what sources of traffic work for you.
There are some sources of traffic that work great for me, but they can be a horrible way to get traffic for you.

There isn’t an universal solution.

See what works for you, and focus on that.

Notice that many traffic sources can work for you, but only few of them are valuable sources.
This mean that only few of them will help you to build your audience, and only few of them will be efficient ways to drive traffic.

To say it better: most of the traffic sources will cost you big efforts, and will give you poor results, while few sources of traffic will be “too good to be true”.

Your goal is to find the last ones, and focus all your time and energy on them.

3. Focus Your “Traffic Efforts”

There is nothing wrong in being everywhere, but at the beginning you simply can’t do that.
You may have a full-time job that doesn’t allow you to spend your time on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube every single day.

Even, if you had the time, probably you wouldn’t be able to be everywhere at the beginning: you are not trained to manage accounts on many social media at the same time.
It’s quite hard to be on 4 different social media an manage all of them, without wasting your time.
You will do that pretty easily after months of blogging, but at the beginning you are not able to do that.

Especially, if you are doing something that you didn’t before. For example, if you don’t know how to make a video, you’ll spend a huge amount of time to make your first video, so you’ll need a lot of time to manage your YouTube channel.

What should you do?

Focus on 1-2 source(s) of traffic at a time.
In this way, you’ll learn how to manage your social media presence, and you’ll grow a steady source of traffic from a given social media.
Once you grow your presence on a given social media, and you get a steady amount of traffic from it, you can get on another social media.

Notice that I’m talking only about traffic here. In fact you can manage other social media accounts for other reasons (but don’t overwhelm yourself).
For example, I have Twitter account from which I don’t get a steady amount of traffic, but for me it’s ok, because I use it only to manage my relationships.

4. Traffic is a Waste of Time

One of the biggest myths online is that you need to get a tremendous amount traffic to succeed.
You don’t need traffic to succeed.

Do you really think that a number on Google Analytics can bring you money?
No way.

You may get 100,000 visitors in one day, but if you get a bounce rate of 100% you won’t come closer to your goals.

Probably you already knew that.
Probably you know that you need quality traffic to make money – for quality traffic I mean a number of people who spend time on your blog and read your stuff.

I’m sorry, but again we are on the wrong track.
Let’s suppose that you get 1,000 visitors and each visitor spend about 8 minutes on your blog and read some of your posts. That’s great, isn’t it?
If each of those people won’t share your stuff, won’t subscribe to your list, won’t buy your products and won’t come back to your blog, you just wasted your time.

You don’t need traffic, nor you need quality traffic.

You need action takers.

To succeed you need people who act and do actions that will help you to reach your goals.

Let’s say that you just started your blog and you need to spread your posts on the web.
Your goal is to get as many people who share your stuff as you can.

If you need to sell your products, you want to get a source of customers – or you may need to get a source of email subscribers who will buy your stuff later.

Focusing on action takers is the best way to grow your business.

Want an example?
I’m working to grow my email list now, so I made the presentation “10 Powerful Tips to Sell More” to get more email subscribers.
I didn’t care about getting thousands of people who would have visited my blog to bounce back; I wanted to get people who wanted to subscribe to my email list.
I made that presentation to show a part of the content that my email subscribers get, so people who are interested will subscribe.

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