How to Write a Powerful Blog Post that Shakes People Up


Powerful-Content-that-Shake-People-UpHave you ever written an excellent blog post that was read by many people, but didn’t get good results?

It’s pretty annoying when you make great content, and show it to people, but it doesn’t get many shares nor backlinks.
It’s not a lack of promotion, you do it, and Google Analytics shows you that your posts are read by many people; it’s just like your posts are invisible.

“How is that possible?” you’re wondering after you published your last great post. Your content was amazing and you promoted it, but nothing happened.
If it’s not the content nor the promotion, what is it?

You may be pretty confused because of those questions and your results.

What if you change your question into a more useful one?
“What am I missing out?” can be a good start.

Let me tell you a secret…

Great Content Needs a Perfect Shape

Content is not everything, you need to present it in the perfect way to get the best out of it.

It’s like a woman, she may be really hot, but if she wears pajamas, has the “panda effect” because of a ruined make up and his hair are messy, she is not really attractive. As she dresses up and makes up, every man can’t stop looking her.

If you want people to REALLY pay attention to your post, you have to present it in an appealing shape.

You may make a great piece of content, but if you don’t present it in the right way, half of the people won’t read it. No one really reads unreadable posts, even when they present fabulous information – and the few people who do, don’t assimilate most of the important concepts.

Present your content in a marvelous way and you’ll improve the perception that people have about it, will make it more readable and will make it easier to remember.

How to Make Your Blog Post Seriously Appealing

The following are some tips that you can put into action to make your post instantly more effective and appealing.

1. Write Short Paragraphs

How many time have you ever seen a post with long paragraphs?

How many of those posts have you read?

I’m pretty sure it’s just a small percentage – and all of those are probably fantastic posts from big authorities that you just can’t ignore, even if they are written in a horrible way.

Write short paragraphs and separate them with a white line.
Exactly as I’m doing right now.
Doing so, you’ll make your posts more readable, and as a consequence more people will read them.

Your post will also seem like a speech instead of a couple of paragraphs on a web page.
Your readers will hear your voice while reading your posts.

As a general rule, don’t put together more than a 5-6 lines in a paragraph.

2. Use Bold Fonts and Underline Wisely

It’s interesting how many people either don’t use bold fonts and don’t underline at all, or they make the opposite mistake and use them too much.

You want to use bold fonts (or underlines) to highlight some important parts of your blog post.
They also help people to better understand and remember your content.

If you read a 2,000 words post, where all the words look the same, you barely will remember something about it. On the contrary, if you read a post with headings (more on this later) and bold fonts, you will better remember the key concepts.

The opposite problem is underlining too much.
As said, you want to underline something to make it stand out, but if too many words are bold or underlined they won’t stand out.

Bold Fonts

There’s a huge difference between these two examples about using bold fonts.

It’s the same concept that prevents you from writing everything in capital letters: you write only the word that you want to highlight with the capital letter.

Capital Letters

The headline written with all capital letters is less appealing than the “normal” headline.

Underline and/or use bold fonts to highlight the most important concepts, but only them.

3. Use Headings

Headings are not only important for the on-page SEO: they are crucial to make your post more appealing and readable.

Try to read a medium-long (and sometimes even a short!) post that hasn’t the headings.
It will be a feat!

Some good headings will make your post really clear, so break each post in sections and write a specific heading for each section.

The same piece of content looks completely different without headings…and it’s worse than the one with the headings.

They’ll also make your post immediate which in today’s world is really important: many people are in a rush, so they don’t have the time to read an entire post, but they could benefit from your post anyway because its headings can make your message pass.

4. Insert Beautiful Helpful Images

Images are getting a higher importance as the time go on.

When it’s possible, choose beautiful images that grab people’s attention. For example, most of the time, the featured image in a blog post hasn’t a learning purpose, but it have to get people’s attention.


This image has the only purpose of grabbing attention.

I take all the featured images of my blog posts from Compfight where there are many beautiful Creative Commons images, you can do it too (remember to attribute the photo credits!) or you can get your pictures elsewhere.

Images, other than grabbing people’s attention, can help your readers better understand your concepts – do you see the images that I’m using in this post? :)
Images are immediate too, so you can communicate your concepts pretty fast by them.

When you write a blog post, think about images that can help your audience better understand what you’re saying, and insert them.

5. List Things

To avoid misunderstanding, I’m NOT talking about list posts, but I’m talking about inserting a bullet point list into your post – numeric lists works as well :)

Of course, you don’t have to always list things, but in some cases you may prefer to do it.
For example, when you are speaking about actions, making a list of them will help your audience to take actions.

Use list every time you want people to notice and understand certain points. If you scroll down a post without reading it, a list is the third thing that you notice in it (headings and images have first and second places).


The list stands out, as you can see.

Here are some suggestions to make a perfectly working list:

  • Keep your list short, between 3-6 elements
  • Numeric lists are great for step-by-step plans
  • List things when you want people remember them
  • Combine lists with bold fonts to have a bigger impact

How to Make Your Post Impact on People

To have a high impact on people, other that shaping your post in a great way you have to make people feel something while reading your post.

You may want people think “Wow, this post includes such fabulous detailed information, I can’t thank the author enough for sharing it” or you may people feeling a deep connection with you.
Whatever you decide, make your post stick with your readers.

Here’s a list of advice to make your post has a big impact on people.

1. Write Long Detailed Posts

Many times I’ve read about the effects of the length of a certain post. Everyone has a different idea about this topic: someone says that you need to write short direct posts, someone else says that you have to write long post.

I’m pretty sure that you read many posts about this topic too, and probably you’re as confused as I was before. It’s very annoying that many people confuse us with conflicting ideas, isn’t it?
Tired of those discussions I made my experiments: I tried both long posts and short ones.

The results that long posts get are WAAAY better than short posts do.
You’ll be even more interested in knowing that in the long term, long posts have even a bigger weight on your results.

Let’s make clear one point: long posts should be long because they are detailed and full of great information, not because you insert lots of useless or redundant pieces.

A long detailed blog post impact on people because it gives so much information that people can’t help but love your post – and share it!

I try to write long posts every time, because I know the results that they get and the effect that they have on people.
Many of my guest posts are quite long, and lots of people thank me for sharing them.
For example, many people were really excited about my guest post about SlideShare on Traffic Generation Cafe.

Definetely, long posts have a big impact on people.

2. Share Your Personal Stories

You have lots of stories to tell, don’t be afraid and tell them, you’ll only benefit from this.
People love to hear others’ story.

Stories help people to connect. Stories are very powerful.

In the offline world, we continuously talk about our stories with our friends or even with the people who you just met.

Many times you have felt excited about a good news that you got and couldn’t wait to tell it to your friends.
As soon as you go back from your last holiday you start telling everyone about it.
How many times have you bragged with your friends about your last success? :)

Exciting stories are viral too.
Do you remember when one of your friend told you about something and you told your friends about it?
When you hear a strong story, you can’t healp but share it with others.
I’m sure that you have a compelling story to tell, share it.

3. Write Emotion-Rich Posts

When you want to have an impact on someone, the best thing that you can do is to make him feel an emotion – the stronger the emotion, the stronger your impact.

You have some very effective ways to make someone feel an emotion reading your posts:

  • Treat an emotional topic
  • Speak about something controversial
  • Make people use their imagination

Treat an Emotional Topic

When you speak about an emotional topic is very easy to get an emotional response by your readers.
For example, if your niche is personal improvement, and you talk about difficulties and failures, you will easily make your readers feel frustration at first and satisfaction in the end.
Another example is this post: I’m talking about making content that affects people, both on logical and emotional level.

There are always certain topics that will help you rouse emotions in your readers, no matter in which niche you are. Search them and use them.

Notice that stories are perfect emotional topics, so you now have another great reason to use them :)

Speak About Something Controversial

Speaking about something controversial is very effective too.
An example is my post “Do You Want to Make Money Online? Stop Wasting Time Blogging“: it’s my current second best post because it was about a controversial subject (making money online) that made people talk about it, other than sharing it.

When you speak about something controversial, people will talk about it – it’s a controversial topic for a reason after all!
Either people will love you or hate you, you will have an emotional effect on them. You can just win.

Of course, if you choose to speak about something controversial, express your idea and keep it firmly; authenticity and integrity are very valuable quality.

Make People Use Their Imagination

Imagine that you’re on a beach in a tropical paradise where there is white sand and crystal clear water; it’s warm, and you can feel the pleasure due to the rays of the sun on your skin.
You feel really free, especially thinking that it’s Dicember and your ex-colleagues are now freezing, other than working pretty hard.
You are really enjoying your financial freedom acquired by your blog!

It’s a good scene, isn’t it?

Well, you just read another example about how you can make people imagine something and feel an emotion :)

When you want people to imagine something, make the picture as vivid as possible, and engage at least a couple of senses.


Great content isn’t enough to get astonishing results, you need to shape perfectly your content and make them impact on people.

To give your post an awesome shape:

  1. Write short paragraphs
  2. Use bold fonts and underline wisely
  3. Use headings
  4. Insert beautiful helpful images
  5. List things

To have an impact:

  1. Write long detailed posts
  2. Share your personal stories
  3. Write emotion-rich posts

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